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We don’t want a lack of cycling experience to prevent anyone from participating in Pelotonia. We all began riding some time, and we probably were helped and guided by more experienced riders.

TeamCOPC has become known for leading group rides, both for training and for fun, and we welcome beginners and seasoned cyclists alike. For the larger rides, the group will split up by speed and distance, so beginners won't be left in the dust. Look at the Ride Calendar below to see the upcoming ride schedule.

Additional rides will be announced frequently via our Google Group email list. Rides are weather permitting and helmets are required. While the rides aren’t limited to Pelotonians, we hope all riders will soon join the fight against cancer through teamCOPC and Pelotonia.

Rider Levels

We welcome all riders, however, some rides will be more suited to certain skill/experience levels. When possible, the ride calendar and the Google Group postings will make that clear.
"A" Riders average 18+ mph
"B" Riders average 16-18 mph
"C" Riders average 14-16 mph
"D" Beginner riders average < 14 mph


Things To Bring

How to be prepared for all group rides

Helmet (required)
Water bottle(s)
Spare tube
Tire changing tools
ID and money
Insurance card
Cell phone (and baggie in case of rain)
ID and money
Insurance card


Join Email List

Team COPC maintains a Google Groups list for the purposes of announcing events related to teamCOPC's effort with Pelotonia. These announcements are typically limited to training rides and fundraising events, but may be used for other ride notifications as well. Within these guidelines, any group member may post to the group. This group is moderated.
You can view the most recent posts to the list with the button below. To be added to the mailing list, fill out the form below. You will usually be added within 24 hours.


The Velvet Ice Cream Ride

The Velvet Ice Cream Ride has become a tradition, and with the addition of a post-ride cookout for families and friends, we hope to continue this mid-summer event for many years. All proceeds from the Velvet Ice Cream ride go to Pelotonia to fund cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. Route maps listed in Group Training Ride Maps.
This fully supported bicycle tour begins at Hannah Park in Gahanna and rides up to Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, with an optional loop to Gambier before lunch.

Recommended check-in times:

100 mile route 7:00 - 8:00
70 mile route 8:00 - 9:00
35 mile route 9:00 - 10:00 (one-way to Utica)
The 35 mile route is one-way to Utica. Riders must arrange their own transportation home.

The Picnic (2pm-6pm)

New this year will be a cookout following the ride. Family members, friends and other non-riders may register for just the picnic. During the picnic, we will raffle off a bike! Riders do not need to register for the picnic - it's included!

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This calendar shows rides planned by many groups and some details may not be present until nearer to the dates of the rides. More impromptu rides will occur often, and will be posted via the Google Group listing, which can be accessed here.